Learn how to Support Our Youth’s Mental Well Living

Through learning to support our youth with the Integrative Wellness Therapy method, we ourselves learn this fresh approach to building a foundation that supports social-emotional learning and mental wellness, through blending the ancient wisdom of complementary techniques with western science and therapeutics. The IWT philopsophy takes the concepts of “holistic” and “bio-psycho-social” to a deeper, broader level. This unique style of intervention incorporates a layered and linked view of the whole person. The mental supports the physical and the physical supports mental. We honor the inseparable nature of the human system and each body’s inherent wisdom in restoring balance.

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based in research-proven foundations

Self Discovery and Connection: Awareness and Empowerment

Integrative Therapeutic Strategies: Whole Person, Whole System

Honoring Individual Nature:

Inner Motivation and Wisdom

Neuroscience and Resilience:

Retrain the Nervous System

Taking the Therapy into Daily Life: Learning from the Natural World


Redefining the Possible:

Scaffolding Healthy Habits


FINALLY! A Program Focused on empowering our youth with Integrative Strategies for Social-Emotional and Mental Wellness

asking the big whys and hows for 30 years

Let’s face it, figuring out how to support our youth in navigating life in ways that set them up to thrive and stay in balance is a challenge of the heart. We live in an imperfect world full of temptations and distractions. Through 30 years of practice with youth, I kept asking why and how, drilling down deeper to root issues of individual challenges.  Through years of research, personal and clinical experience, I have learned souces of suffering and holistic methods of addressing the deeper issues. At IWT, we help cut through the clutter, and support our youth in getting in touch with their inner wisdom — helping them to learn what pulls them off center and what fills their cup, anchoring to nature and the divine. Resilience and embodied physical and mental wellness is the goal.

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we offer a combination of trainings, consultation and individual services

We tailor our teachings to your specific needs.


Trainings & Events

We offer trainings and events for professionals in mental health, occupational therapy, and yoga therapy.

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Individual Services

We offer a wide variety of personalized, integrative services to help the individual through yoga therapy and more.

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“I recently attended your workshop in Renton Washington. You can teach an old dog new tricks. I have been working in the public schools for thirty years and I picked up some new great strategies at your workshop. I would like to share what I learned with my colleagues in Peninsula School District in beautiful Gig Harbor Washington. I identified with your holistic view of OT and the OT Yoga connection.”

– John Occupational Therapist



For Parents:

  • Parent Collab & Support Sessions 
  • Fill Your Cup Individual Sessions
  • Individual IWT Therapy for your Youth
  • Home Modification Assessments
  • Empowered Parenting Workhops 
  • Optimal State Resilience Training
  • Integrative Wellness Therapy Facebook Group

For Educators:

  • Educator Collab & Support Sessions 
  • Fill Your Cup Individual Sessions
  • Resilience Sessions for your Classes
  • Optimal State Resilience Training
  • Integrative Wellness Therapy Facebook Group

For Therapists:

  • Occupational Therapy CEUs and Residency opportunities
  • Integrative Wellness Therapy Facebook Group
  • Yoga Therapist Training with Optimal State (on faculty)

Specializing In

Emotional Dis-regulation, Anxiety and Depression, Executive Dysfunction, Attention Deficit Disorders/ADHD, Social Skills, Brain Injury,  Sensory Integration and Processing Disorders.

Integrating Techniques

Emotional intelligence, nervous-system regulation, neuromuscular facilitation, reflex integration, body-brain connection, breath techniques, mindfulness, meditation, self-awareness, building lifestyle habits, therapeutic yoga, spirituality, self-compassion — as well as cultivating meaning and purpose in life.