Whole-Person Mental Well-Care

The Integrative Wellness Therapy method takes the concepts of “holistic” and “biopsychosocial” to a deeper, broader level Social-Emotional wellness. This unique style of intervention incorporates a layered and linked view of the whole person — and joins traditional western therapeutic practices with eastern philosophy and complementary techniques. The mental supports the physical, and the physical supports mental well-being. We honor the inseparable nature of the human system and each body’s inherent wisdom in restoring balance.

We offer practices such as: physical postures, bilateral integration, reflex integration, breathing practices (that affect blood pressure, heart rate, pain, anxiety and self-regulation), meditation: guided self-inquiry; vocalizations and sound; coaching on healthy lifestyle — all according to the person’s preferences.

Honoring Individual Nature

At IWT, we respect and appreciate the unique attributes of each person. We know that challenges and diagnoses manifest differently based on the individual’s particular blend of physical, emotional, and environmental factors — as well their own strengths, preferences and purpose in life. Treatment and intervention cannot be folded into a prescribed pathway or prescription. We support each body’s inherent wisdom for healing.

Nurturing Social Connection

It is all about relationship! At IWT we affirm that the effectiveness of therapeutic and individual efforts are noted when relationships begin improving. We establish a nurturing, supportive and accepting environment in all of our sessions. Humans are social beings and emotional connectedness is at the basis of much of our physical and emotional well-being. We recognize that a sense of belonging supports esteem and self-actualization. At IWT, we use techniques such as: individually-arranged social skills sessions, assertiveness training, dealing with feelings in the “choice moment”, as well as coaching on “other awareness”.

Support thru a Whole-Systems Approach

We consider environments and community settings and the whole-person as we support, consult and collaborate with youth, their parents, caregivers, educators, therapists and mentors — making our method is truly integrative.  We view each person as a whole system of emotional and physical needs within both integrated and distinct social settings.

Taking the Therapy out of the Clinic

At IWT, we meet the person where the need or desire is. Although foundational concepts and strengthening may need to begin in the home or clinic, the true results and real therapeutic effects are developed in the natural settings. We have worked with very effectively: at the beach, in the park, at favorite restaurants or the library, while shopping or at the farmer’s market, in the classroom, at work setting, in music or art classes -– where ever the individual needs assistance in accessing their life goals and roles.

Returning to the Basics

Our IWT therapeutic principles return to the basics of meaningful and purposeful activities that help the person fully engage in the treatment. We use everyday activities, vintage gadgets, purposeful skills, art, music, dance and natural environments as therapeutic intervention to enhance: strength, endurance, balance, dexterity, sensory processing, neurological integration, social-emotional skills, cognition and executive functioning.

Making the “Impossible” Possible

Through our expanded view of healthcare, re-patterning techniques, and scaffolded healthy habit building, our clients (youth and their support systems) express progression beyond previous limitations, and with significant results.. At IWT, we skillfully facilitate identifying a goal first.  Because without a clear goal, the journey is dim. We then support breaking it down, how to progress in achievable steps, blending it into the realities of life, and ultimately supporting a life well-lived. We use concepts such as: rhythmicity, existing daily habits, visualization, and motivation to help the client achieve their goals. Hope and engagement in life returns as challenges are addressed methodically and compassionately.

Retrain the Brain

At IWT, we stand on current research that demonstrates how to use the mind to change the brain -– and body. The brain is actually “soft-wired” and can be changed by experience and the achievement of goals, dreams and life purpose. The brain can be “re-wired” to improve: mood, memory, relationships, and habits. We help unravel self-imposed limitations through research-based techniques such as: visualization, mindfulness, meditation, re-framing, facilitating focus and persistence, as well as specific activities to calm the nervous system,

Supporting as the Guide on the Side

The IWT philosophy acknowledges the inherent wisdom within the body and mind for enhancing healing and wellness. We train and educate on the foundations of identifying: priorities and values, mindfulness, sensory awareness and processing, awareness of patterns of thinking, using your brain to change your mind and body, movement and postural awareness, as well as gut responses and interoception (or the physiological sense). We view ourselves as “the guide on the side” to help truly empower the person in creating their own life well lived.