Wellness is a multi-dimensional road, and there are many paths to individual wellness. Therapy in the clinic is just one step along the path; the real therapeutic benefits happen as a person begins to thrive and excel in their daily life. Natural settings offer layers of complexity, engagement with a purpose, as well as activities that inspire intrinsic motivation.

With the Integrative Wellness Therapy TM method, we meet the person where the need or desire is. We have worked with clients very effectively: at the beach, in the park, at a favorite restaurant, the library, shopping at the farmer’s market, in the classroom, in music or art classes, at work settings — wherever the individual needs assistance in accessing their life goals and roles. Here are some ways you can get started on your own journey of wellness:


Create your “To Be List”

Learning what wellness means to you means getting in tune with your desires, self, and patterns. Take a moment with yourself – when you think of the concept of “joy”, “happiness”, or “contentment” what kind of experiences come into your mind? Recognize these, and write them down so that you can remember them for future use. Create notecards, make post it notes, a vision board or a book, journal that you can refer.


Calendar You in

Oftentimes, we fill our day with all of the ”to dos”, and we get to the evening spent of energy for ourselves. When creating your schedule, put intentional time in your calendar, as if scheduling an appointment with yourself. Be deliberate about that time, as if it were an obligation just as any other.


Put The “To Dos” into Perspective

Remind yourself that the list and care of others will be more difficult if you are un-well – physically, emotionally or spiritually. Care for your well-being as you do with brushing your teeth, make it a part of your routine.

Wellness is a “Practice”, not a perfection

Recognize that it may not come easy to make the time or find the energy to do these things. Start small with something that you can do in 10 to 15 minutes and complete it with a smile. Note it on your calendar with a star or happy face as a reminder that you are in the practice of creating good habits and empowering yourself with wellness outside of the clinic.

Our therapeutic trademark, Integrative Wellness Therapy, empowers people with increased self-awareness and specific strategies to support lasting life changes through blending western therapies and complementary techniques in a collaborative manner.